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Whey Good Coffee Review

All my locals, you have to try this place!! It’s “Way Good”.

Such a clever name, and I love the concept. Whey Good in West Memphis is a new spot offering a variety of coffee based protein infused drinks. You can get your daily dose of protein, but in a really tasty way! From Lattes, Iced Coffee, Meal replacement shakes and more, your sweet tooth and health with thank you!

Whey Good officially opened in September 2020. The support from the local community, friends and family was very encouraging! Not only was a place that offered this type of drink welcome, it was very needed! Local coffee shops have a very intimate, cozy vibe that really connects people and offers an experience different than going to a larger chain. Plus, when you have small business owners who genuinely care about the needs and trends of the market, you have more reason to support them and help them reach their goals!

Like many businesses in the community, Covid-19 pandemic has prevented clients from enjoying their drinks inside, as they are only doing drive-thru an curbside pick up at the moment. My go-to coffee drink is the Iced Caramel Macchiato. I was (and still am on occasion) a Starbucks girl forever! Living beside one was good for my energy, but bad for my wallet haha. Something creative, fun and valuable that Whey Good has started offering is their Punch card system. Each drink equals one punch through your card, getting you closer to a free coffee or drink 🙂

I treat myself to a Latte or some type of coffee drink about 2 times a week! Whenever I need a pick-me-up, or just craving a yummy coffee drink. Would love to hear about your experience at Whey Good and what you order! Don’t forget to follow my real estate page on Instagram and Facebook to see more updates on Local Businesses in Crittenden County! You can also visit my website to get real estate advice and home evaluations. Thank you for your support!


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