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7 Snacks No Road Trip Is Complete Without

Hope y’all enjoy my Snack Roundup 🙂

So in honor of me having a small road trip this weekend with my sister, I wanted to let you guys in on my go-to snacks!! Road trips have always been a part of my life! Growing up, my sister and I both played competitive traveling softball, so every weekend it was different towns and most times different states! I mean a sister is a built in bestie already, but it was always fun when we had a road trip, sharing our snacks, jamming out to our favorite tunes, and letting the sugar crash take us to sleep haha! Now, my road trips are a little different but still so much fun! Now that I’m married and we moved to California, we are very far away from family, in fact the road trip out here took 22 hours!!!!!! But, we survived will a whole lot of food, jokes (didn’t say they were good), music, and each other!

This is a little spin on the typical take! There was a time I just absolutely didn’t care what I binged out on food wise, and those sure were the glory days! #AMEN

But lets get real, ya girl still wants to stay fit lol so I had to switch it up a little bit! So we will start with

Healthy Snacks

(Just to get those out of the way and on to the good stuff hahaha).

The Spread

My go to healthy snack would have to be something with peanut butter! We love peanut butter up in this house, typically go through a 64 oz. jar of it in 2 weeks! Right now, our current obsession is putting peanut butter on low calorie rice cakes! You can get plain rice cakes, but we really like apple cinnamon and caramel corn 😉 tastes like a treat from the bakery! So good! You can totally bring this on a roadtrip with you! As long as you don’t mind some sticky hands for a few minutes lol!

The Dairy Lover

Low fat/low cal yogurt! You can also put granola in the yogurt if you like a crunch 😉 If I have strawberries or pineapple, I like to cut them in small chunks and put them in the yogurt for a parfait style!

Yogurt is also so good for women’s reproductive system and our uterus, so I try to eat it often! A lot of yogurt is formulated to balance out pH levels, keep a healthy yeast balance in the gut, and has natural probiotics in it! I usually get the CARBmaster brand at Kroger to save my carbs for another meal! My ALL time favorite yogurt flavor is strawberry banana #basic but as long as you have a small cooler you can totally make yogurt work on a road trip!

The Ultimate Trio

My last healthy snack I’ll touch on is one that my momma has fixed me and my sister for years and years!! I call it cucumber salad, but theres tons of names for it! Ill share the recipe below, because it is really that good!

2 cucumbers fully chopped

6 Roma tomatoes or 4 regular tomatoes

1 chopped onion

1 bottle of distilled white vinegar

*I like to add a 1/2 cup of Italian dressing for an extra bit of zest*


Definitely have to have a small cooler again, but totally doable to bring with!!!

Onto the good stuff 😉

Road Trip Snacks

Chex Mix

When me and Nelly go anywhere for like over an hour literally lol we always always get trail mix of some sort! I’d have to give trail mix and chex mix the number 1 slot on road trip snacks! I think one of my favorite parts is giving nelson all the baked rye chips, but asking him “do you want a really good bite or a bad bite” already planning on giving him the good one lol! But you guys HAVE to try the “Bold” flavor out if you haven’t yet!!!! Addictive!

Flaming Hot Cheetos

These just about got the number one spot (ADDICTED) Ya’ll know my love for Hot Cheetos is real! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told nelson when we get in the car.. “I’m craving hot cheetos for some reason.” That some reason is because I swear those things are addictive! Bring some wet wipes though or you’re gonna have Cheeto Fingers, typically brought on by a full day of Cheeto consumption! Lol! Definitely the way to my heart!

Fruity Candy

I feel like no road trip is complete without Starburst and Skittles!! Since I was a kid I’ve been kinda addicted to both! Mainly because you just need something chewy and fruity after all the other junk food you’ve consumed! I remember one summer traveling, I bit into a starburst and a tooth actually came with it!!! I think me and my sister laughed about that for years! Although it was a traumatic experience at the ripe age of 11, it hasn’t stopped me from eating them! Lol!

The Chocolate Lover

Chocolate covered pretzels! Id like to take some credit now for maybe not introducing these to Nelly, but certainly fueling the fire! We can’t get enough of these things! I want them to be white chocolate or yogurt though!! Nelson will always surprise me with these when we go somewhere too and I love it!

That is the end of my snack roundup!! Hope y’all saw some goodies!! I think one time it would be really fun to do the road trip snack shopping for the other person, whoever you’re road-tripping with, and see how accurate you can get 😉 who’s with me!?!?

I want to know YOUR favorite or if I’ve left off a “DUH” snack haha! Drop it in the comments below! Also, let me know if you try that recipe!!!



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