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My Ultimate Podcast Recommendations

So, after long adieu and after much request, I am finally sharing my podcast recommendations! And why I actually listen to them daily and the nuggets that I can usually take away from each one. I remember about 2 years ago when audio really just became so huge for everybody, thinking what in the world is a podcast?? Lol! I had heard a few people talking about it and I was like okay well I’d rather read it than listen to somebody… or so I thought!!

The first podcast I ever started listening to was Gary Vee’s. And honestly, I don’t know if that wasn’t the best scenario that could have happened! Gary Vee, if you don’t listen to him, has a really powerful tone and voice, and honesty he’s really easy to listen to because he has a really good tempo with his words. He shares MAJOR reality checks in all facets of life and he’s amazing! He’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word, from social media, his own Wine company, a shoe line, his own podcast, and tons more! Because I listened to him first and experienced that I actually dig podcasts, it urged me to find more Podcasts that I could relate to!

social media content curator

The Skinny

I’ve talked about them in a recent blog post, but I highly recommend The Skinny Confidential podcast for anybody in the creative content, social media, blogger, curator world! I started listening to their podcast a few months ago when I actually started taking Instagram seriously.. that might sound like a load of bologna, but I promise it takes work to make an instagram account successful and reachable to brands and partnerships!

Plus, they’re a millennial married couple, so I can relate to so much of their topics! They talk about how to juggle a job plus a side hustle. Many times they bring guests on the show who are successful entrepreneurs all across the world. And they give you practical tips on how to stay relevant in the saturated social media world! Very strategic podcast for bloggers, but also entertaining if you’re not! The last podcast I listened to them, they dove deeper into advice for young parents, which is totally not “blogging” related, but ultra helpful! The link in the picture will take you straight to their podcast!

The skinny confidential podcast

I’ve Got Soul

This next podcast has helped me gather knowledge and insight that inspired some of my last blog post! Many know Oprah for her wisdom, her compassion to those in need, and honestly just her true nature to listen and inspire. I came across Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations one day when I was browsing through categories, and it did not disappoint. She also brings on guests and covers topics such as spiritual growth, love/relationships, women empowerment, and essentially fulfilling the destiny of who you were created to be.

There have been many episodes where I’ve found myself wiping away tears at the end. When I am yearning for more value in my life, and looking for a place to strengthen my faith, Soulful Confessions is a great podcast to listen to. I have learned so many invaluable lessons! From overcoming my fears and insecurities, to gaining trust and compassion for others. Some really great advice on how we can achieve our full potential with a little bit of faith, hard work, and love!

oprahs super soul conversations

In Theory…

Before this year, I had not heard of Tom Bilyeu, or his podcast Impact Theory. It was so strange the first time I listened to him speak because he reminded me so much of Nelson. His approach, his tone of voice, and even just his reactions! Nelson and I both started listening to him more and more and started to realize, he really knows his stuff!!!!

He is a growth guru essentially! The really cool thing about Tom is that no matter what obstacles and objectives you are giving yourself at the moment, he is able to combat them! He offers real life, practical applications on how to grow out of your current situation. Whether it’s small, personal development improvements, or really large-scale visions you have for a business or your future, Tom delivers value on these topics! He teaches you how to adopt real life growth mindsets, habits, and strategies that you can apply to ANY area of your life! I also truly love the guests he brings on his platform! They’re so diverse and most of them have been at absolute rock bottom, so it’s very inspiring and encouraging!

The Authentic Influencer

I actually used to cringe at the word “Influencer”. It’s not something I consider myself to be necessarily! I feel like I receive the influence from you guys, which means the world to me! I feel like I’m more of content creator across the board, but Julie Solomon’s The Influencer Podcast is still so so invaluable to me!

She is a New York Times best-selling publicist who knows the ins and outs of what it takes to work with your dream brands, and gives you tips on how to do it! The podcast is more blogger/social media centered. But nonetheless, her podcast is a destination for bloggers, content creators, creative entrepreneurs to grow their brand and income! She talks about marketing strategies, best tips for social media, how to build a loyal audience, and more! One thing I really love about her is she is an advocate for doing what YOU love. If your niche isn’t fashion or beauty, she doesn’t tell you to conform to that! Or that doing so is the only way to make money online. She gives you practical strategies to grow ANY online business in any niche!!

Julie solomon the influencer podcast

I’m Not Your Guru

That sound familiar to anybody?? That’s right, the iconic Netflix Documentary series that featured Tony Robbins! I feel very propelled to list Tony Robbins, because I rank him very closely to Gary Vee. The first time we watched the Netflix documentary, Nelson and I were feeling a bit lost. We didn’t have a true vision of what we wanted to do with our lives. I still remember crying into Nelson’s shoulder that night after watching. It was so powerful and moving, and it helped kick us into gear to make our big move to California.

If you don’t know who Tony Robbins is, he is a worldwide philanthropist and life coach. The psychology he brings to the table of why we do what we do is amazing. Why we succeed, why we fail, why we can or can’t fall in love, why we can’t face our fears. I mean the list is endless! In the podcast, he highlights self-awareness, communication, and essentially finding out what you are made for! He offers strategies on how to have a growth mindset, yet still be compassionate! Also how to live your life with purpose! I’ve had some really life changing breakthroughs listening to his podcast! He has delivered tremendous value with experiences that really do matter!

tony robbins podcast

I’ve shared my recommendations with you, now it’s your turn 🙂 I’d love to hear your awesome recommendations, and why they have helped you!! Drop me a comment or send me a message!

As always, thank you for reading and for trusting me! That means the world to me! ♥



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