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9 Food Holidays to Try In July

Fun food holidays in July & where my favorite place to get or make them! 🙂

July 4th: National BBQ Day

I mean duh!!!!!! My favorite place to get BBQ is actually on our own. I love cooking a BBQ in the crockpot, and here’s a fab recipe from that I’ve used tons of times and I promise you, Nelson always asks for seconds… and thirds 😉

July 6th: National Fried Chicken Day

You guys, to be honest, I have to go a little basic here! Ever since I was little, when my family decided to do fried chicken, it was always super fun to get in the car with everybody and drive to KFC! Call it tradition, but when I think of fried chicken, I always think of KFC! Although, if you’re like me, and love to try things out at home, I have tried out this recipe below and it was very yummy!

July 7th: National Strawberry Sundae Day

Scoop Dog still takes the cake when it comes to Sundae’s! Scoop Dog is a place from my hometown that seriously has THE best soft served ice cream and toppings! It’s just this small town, cute as ever ice cream and hotdog shop that stays open late, which is so helpful in a small town because you can make some good memories there! But I cannot wait to explore LA and find my new fav place! Look at how adorable this place is, though!

July 13th: National French Fry Day

First of all, fries are one of my FAV types of food! HANDS DOWN, my favorite place is a restaurant in Los Angeles near Silver Lake called The Morrison. It’s such a cool downtown vibe too. It has upbeat coffeehouse style music, they decorate the place so funky and fun, and the bar is always stocked! I love it! We had never tried these fries before going to this place, and since we’ve gone, we talk about their fries all the time!!!!! The Morrison’s Truffle Fries! Second best thing on the menu!

July 15th: National Gummy Worm day

Haribo gummy worms for the win!!!! When Nelson and I first started dating, he used to love these things! I would always try and pick up a pack when I was at the grocery store, and a lot of times I’d surprise him in a little basket if I was making a just because gift. We even ordered a 5 pound bag at one point that lasted months! Fast forward almost 6 years and he’s not the most avid gummy bear eater but still….a cute little Food Holiday with some cute memories!

July 21st: National Junk Food Day

I kid you not, some of my best memories with my sister are when we were stuffing our faces with food!!!!! Thank goodness we grew up loving veggies and considerably healthy food, because we sure could put some food down! My favorite junk food is Hot Cheetos!!!! Me and Raven have binge eaten these many a nights and probably gone through more bags than I’m willing to admit. #obsessed

July 24th: National Tequila Day

For the record, I don’t think I drink enough tequila to even have a personal favorite, although, if I were to choose, the best I’ve ever tried was Don Julio! Now if you want something a few shelves down, Patron tastes good and won’t break the bank! An awesome summer tequila guide for drinks is below!

July 28th: National Hamburger day

This day is probably my FAV!!!!! Remember National Fry Day above, and I called the truffle fries the second best thing on the menu?? That’s because I was saving the BEST thing on the menu for this!

The monster Mac N Cheese Burger! Melt in your mouth good!!!!!! This burger has a huge beef patty, a fried egg, MAC AND CHEESE, with all your favorite toppings!!!!

July 29th: National Chicken Wing Day

There is a place in LA that has THE best Buffalo Chicken wings salad… it was actually mine and Nelson’s first visit out to California ever, and we were really craving hot wings, and there was a small hole in the wall type place, which looked family owned! Every time we pass it driving now we always talk about our first visit to Cali, all those good memories, and of course, the delicious food! Check them out on instagram here.

So I know July is just a couple weeks away, and I will definitely be participating in some of these yummy holidays!!! What about ya’ll?? You can follow me on Instagram here to see some of my posts, and I’d love to do the same! Comment below your instagram username, and I’ll be sure to check you out!



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