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15 Sporty Gifts for the Fitness Girl

Hi ladies!!! This is my gift guide to the 15 Sporty Gifts For the Fitness Girl!

Gift giving has got to be one of my favorite things ever!!!!!

I mean, yes, receiving gifts is a pretty nice consequence to all the giving sure…haha! But it’s definitely fun to put together gift lists and guides for the people you love! Sometimes some of my gifts don’t even cost, I will use something I already have at the house to accomplish it! Pinterest comes in as a lifesaver here, which is where my love for putting gift guides together actually started!

As I got bigger into fitness and my health, I noticed I kept asking for gifts related to that topic when friends and family ever asked me what I was needing/wanting!

I think I have asked for each item I’m, sharing with you, so I wanted to put them into one big list! Ladies, you can totally copy and paste this into your amazon wishlist (or whoever you shop with) and tell the hubs to go look! 😉

1.) Headphones

I put this as number one, because I almost feel like it ranks that way in importance! How many times have you gotten to the gym, especially alone, reached for your headphones, but realized they’re not there! I personally like these noise canceling style headphones because, well… I think the title explains enough!

2.) Workout gloves

Up until now, I never needed workout gloves until I started going to the gym with my husband. I guess I can thank him for a few of the calluses I’ve gotten 😉 they were all for good reason though! The pair of gloves I have are these exact workout gloves below! They have great padding on the inside in the right areas, and also just super cute!!!

3.) Water Bottle

I feel like water solves all problems!!!! But also, how easy is it to drink like eight cups of coffee, tea, or soda, but sometimes so hard to down eight cups of water??!! I don’t get it! That’s why I make sure I have a water bottle almost at all times, that way it helps me stay more accountable! This is the one I have below!

4.) Protein Shaker Bottle

I have just got to say, Strawberry milkshake protein powder is the bomb!!!!! It doesn’t even feel like you’re drinking something healthy! We finally found some with extra storage containers attached to the bottom, but don’t spill or leak out!!! Holla!!!!!

5.) Stretch Resistance Bands

I see girls in the gym daily with these, and more than that, I can see that they actually work! These would be a great gift for you if you’ve had a real busy day and couldn’t make it to the gym! You could easily do tons of workouts with the resistance bands straight from home, while either watching a workout video, or scrolling Pinterest for “At-home workouts”.

6.) Ponytail Holders

These are a must!!!!! I recently cut my hair short, and during the grow out stage I didn’t need them! Fast forward a few months and I find them lying everywhere….except for when I really need one! Buy a pack to keep in the car, gym bag, and bathroom, that way you’re bound to always have one option!!

7.) Athletic socks

Growing up I would borrow {steal} my sisters nice athletic socks all the time – the result of that is another story for another day- but they were just so dang comfy. Good socks make a difference, and can prevent blisters and sore ankles!

8.) Fitbit/Calorie counting watch

These are super fun gifts for any girl in your life! I don’t heavily encourage paying too close attention to numbers when it comes to fitness, especially on a scale, but I do think a calorie counter gives you a really good idea of how your body performed during your workout! It’s a good way to track your overall performance, but stay in style while you’re doing it!

9.) Arm strap phone holder

The thing about cute gym clothes…. They are not super phone-storage friendly. With small, or no pockets, its hard to put your phone somewhere in your pants, but not worry about it sticking out. This also allows you to easily change the sock or check an important notification right from your home screen, but you don’t have to dig it out of your pants….like I used to!!!! 

10.) Supplements

I recently started taking some amazing supplements that have helped to detox and cleanse my body, speed up my metabolism naturally, and help with my digestive tract! They offer a starter pack with three combo products in 1, which is what I started out with, and saw amazing results! If you have any questions on supplements, then feel free to leave me a message below!

11.) Gym bag

Even to the gym, I still overpack, y’all. Haha but for real, having a bag to store your toiletries (I shower at the gym if I have a busy day ahead) along with towels, extra clothes, etc is a really good idea! If you go to a gym similar to mine, then you know the struggle of not having free towel service, and I always have to be sure to pack a towel!

12.) Travel size toiletries

To go perfectly along with number eleven, you need something to pack in that gym bag, so why not make it useful!!!! 😉 And these are just sooo handy to have on you, too!

13.) Yoga Mat

The really nice thing about having a yoga mat, is you don’t absolutely have to be at the gym to use it. You can use this at home, on ground that isn’t soft, even outside and still get a workout in!

14.) Epsom Salt Foot/Bath Soak

This is nice if you have a foot soaker or massager, but can also be used just in a regular bath to help alleviate sore aches and pain and soothe sore muscles.

15.) Silicone Rings for Wedding Ring/Jewelry

My husband and I are seriously thinking about getting these! We hardly even take our rings off, and think this would be helpful so it doesn’t damage your rings or hands if they get caught in between a weight/machine. We’ve both had this happen before…ouch!!!!

I would love to know if these gift ideas helped you, or if you have any other great gift ideas leave them in the comments below!!!!



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