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Why I Stopped Obsessing Over The Scale

Why I Stopped Obsessing Over The Scale

Confidence is Key

First of all, the only person who really HAS to know the answer when you step on, is YOU! You don’t have to feel obligated to tell anybody that number! You don’t have to share that you’re “close” to your number but not there yet, or anything else. That number can stay between you and whoever you wish to tell.

At the same token, if you want to celebrate that you’re 10 pounds down, or “almost to ________.”, then you can do so and do not feel embarrassed!

That’s the beautiful part about the scale, is it is a wonderful place to at least start, find out your exact weight, and see where you need and want to be!

But the scale sure can feel like a jerk at times!

There were days in a row where I’d be up 2 pounds then down 6. And then up 4, down 1… and I thought, okay what am I doing WRONG?? I kept saying to myself, this number is supposed to go down, I’m doing everything right aren’t I? I felt that all to familiar feeling of “one step forward, two steps back”.

Numbers Sometimes “Do” Lie

The scale can sometimes effect the way we see ourselves, and in turn make us feel like we’re not working as hard as we should be. It’s easy to base our choices on a number on the scale. But we shouldn’t! This encourages us to base what you eat and drink around that number too, even if it’s not exactly healthy. You just get consumed with seeing the “right” number on that scale!

Another thing traditional scales do not accurately tell you is how much water your body might be retaining at the moment, any fluctuations in weight due to your bowel movements the day before, or even how much your body was effected by your last exercise session. There are tons of other factors and circumstances with the scale that can effect your successful weight loss.

Healthy Choices

You can define your health by numbers, but they can be a healthier or different set of numbers. What is your BMI, blood pressure, heart rate?? These numbers actually can tell us where to go from there, because they are direct reflections of what we are putting into our bodies. When you make healthier choices, you don’t have to worry about the burden of weighing yourself, because they have a long lasting effect on the body.

Another thing I have started to do way more of, is just listen to my body and what it is trying to tell me, instead of focusing so much on a super strict diet. Does my stomach hurt after certain foods, do I feel more bloated after I drink something, or do I feel like whatever I ate just gave me the energy I need to try and get through the whole day, and make it to the gym?

Body Kindness

Personally, I have loved my body more when I stopped just trying to reach an actual number!

I’m starting to learn what my body needs and craves! This has helped me combat some of those harsher cravings where I’m not giving up the things I enjoy! And I’ve come to learn that’s it’s 100% okay to not get all of my nutrients from food. A good portion of my current weight, energy, and overall health I can say has been from my supplements! They are a great accountability partner too!

One thing I have come to love about talking about health and wellness of the body, is there is a huge community inside of that topic! As women, we have almost ALL been there before. And it’s kind of beautiful to know that there is this huge support system for women who want to feel more confident, look and feel their best, and ultimately reach their goals! If you’re interested in learning more about what supplements I take, I’d love to talk with you one on one! Even if you’re just looking for an accountability partner, talk to me! Im a great listener!

Why I Stopped Obsessing Over The Scale


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