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Fitness Goals; What’s Holding You Back?

Fitness Goals; What’s Holding You Back?

Does anybody else ever have conversations in their head when talking about going to the gym? The ones where you are talking yourself out of going because you’re just “Sooo busy”? But then turn around and tell yourself, “NO, you skipped last night, you have to go tonight?”

Or is that just me?

If you had a magic wand, what would be the best thing that could come to you in your fitness story??

I struggled for years to live a consistently healthy lifestyle where it didn’t always feel like a chore! The crazy thing was, I had everything to gain from the lifestyle, but I kept having this little mental block. Even though I grew up in sports, all throughout my high school and college career playing softball and volleyball, I lost some interest when I began to get busier in life! I think this is not only the toughest part to get over, but also the largest area for opportunity in your life.

Also, if you do have any background in sports like I did, then you’ll know how dreadful those 6:00am practices and workouts could be, so it ends up taking some of the fun out of it!

If you make the decision that you’re going to take control of your day, and you’re still going to make time for the gym and eating right, then you’re already over halfway there!

Next step is to just go ahead and start doing it. Motivation is a funny thing, we think it’s going to come slap us in the face!!!! We think that we’ll just gain this epiphany, and suddenly you’ll be motivated because you’re thinking about it. The best way to get motivated and stay motivated is to just start! You might find out you actually enjoy it!!! We all have to somewhere!

And keep in mind, it’s all a little easier when you have a partner (workout or spouse) to push you along! Shoutout to the

hubby!!!! We controlled our eating habits, incorporated exercise in our everyday lives, and still managed to keep it fun!

If you don’t have a workout partner or spouse, I would at least suggest getting an accountability partner!

What this can help do for you is keep your focus and energy on your goals! You know mentally that you will have to share your progress and success with another person! It might feel like an obligation at first, but it will become a habit and you’ll find yourself setting goals!!

“Goals are like Magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.”

-Tony Robbins (talk about an amazing motivational speaker)

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In the spirit of staying active, I wanted to share a GO-TO FAVORITE workout for the buns!!!!

I love this workout because it is fast paced, it mixes up the muscle activity nicely, and you feel that real good burn, the one that’s needed to grow that booty!!!!!

•Jumping lunges- 20 reps

•Deadlift dumbbells (15-20lbs, whatever feels right)- 20 reps

•Leg extensions- 30 reps

•Leg curl – 30 reps

•Overhead squat/squat rack (7-10lb variations)- 20 reps

— Repeat this 3 times.

I actually learned this workout from a great accountability mentor in mine and my husbands life, Brian Davis.

Brian’s thoughts on achieving your fitness goals:

“When it comes to fitness and getting results, it’s about falling in love with what it takes to get the end result.

That’s when it will stick for LIFE. There will be no more up and down in life, just continuous progress!”

For more inspiring tips in ALL aspects of life, not just fitness, check out Brian’s story with the links below!

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Click Here —> Instagram 

Also, if you checked out the workout, tell me, how bad does your booty BURN??!!!

Best wishes always,

Tyler 💋


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