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Want the perfect anniversary gift? A simple guide!

The Five Senses Anniversary Gift

Who wants to get personal?

So this gift is a very personal touch on the holiday. When I think about the Five senses in general, so many flavors, scents, sounds and sights come to mind! The most special thing that comes to my mind is my husband. He has blessed me with experiences that give my little senses some added fluff! 🙂

For our 3rd year wedding anniversary, I was so excited to see my husband’s reaction! We are huge on celebrating those special holidays and giving each other that extra bit of attention!

Pinterest Finds: The Only Way To Go

Thank goodness for creative individuals who give such amazing inspiration!!! Have you ever been scrolling through your Pinterest feed and think, “I’m totally going to do this?”

I mean that is pretty much me everyday! So I searched some ideas on best anniversary gifts, and I finally had my ‘ah-ha’ moment when I came across “The Five Senses Gift” link!

Keep reading for my ideas and some gift links! This was so much fun, give it a try!


Touch is obviously very personal. Especially in my relationship! There are days, every day who am I kidding, where just a hug from Nelson relieves tension and stress, and just instantly makes me smile!

For the touch portion of the gift, I decided on a watch from one of his favorite brands. My inspo behind this gift came from, one, Nelson’s huge love of watches, and two, it’s so close to an area you touch every single day! For some watch inspo of your own, check out some of Nelson’s favorites!

Rapture Watches Lucca 25% off with Promo Code “MRSBOREN”

Fossil CH2890 Coachman

Men’s Invicta Pro Diver


There are SO many things you could do for taste, some being a little more personal than the others! But I think most everyone would have to agree, you can’t go wrong with some movie theater old school candy!!! (This gift also ties into another sense so it fit perfectly) What’s your all time favorite candy to snack on with your love?? Ours: Miniature Reese’s cups!


And we’ve come to my favorite!!!! Who else loves it when your man smells good?? Since he was a little kid, Nelson has loved cologne. He literally has a full blown collection in our cabinet! It has actually gotten really fun to scope out new smells for him and add to the collection! It’s a gift for me and for him!

I decided on a bottle of cologne from Jimmy Choo! It smells delicious! It was also the fastest Nelson has ever gone through a bottle of cologne so you could say he liked it too! I always find the best deals at our Macy’s in Glendale! Before moving to California, the only Macy’s I had near me was in Memphis, a couple hours from my home! I’ve taken advantage since the experience!!!

When they wear that cologne you picked out for them, they get to think of you each time they smell it!


When Nelson and I first started dating, it was unorthodox because we were both working full time jobs, and going to school/playing sports! We didn’t really want to go out to the movies after classes and events so we’d normally just talk and listen to music! So it was very rare that we found a movie we absolutely loved!! A few years ago the movie SouthPaw had come out, and we went to the movies and wow!! Great great movie!! We loved it! A really beautiful story like to it too!

A special movie like this is a simple thing to remind them how much they love you!


Seeing may just be the most personal.

There is so much to discover about your partner!!!! This one should just speak for itself!

Happy exploring! 😉

The outcome….

I’m always searching for some fun and creative ways to show my love and affection!

If you come across some on Pinterest or Twitter, send them my way!!!!

And if you’re reading this and today is your anniversary, Happy Anniversary 💋


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