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My Top 3 Cringeworthy Beauty Fails

My Top 3 Cringeworthy Beauty Fails

This first one, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, and haven’t told many people… (sometimes I feel like privacy is out the window with a blog)

Be Careful With Scissors Folks

So, I cut my eyelashes years ago…

I know most of you are screaming at me right now, and believe me, I feel the same. This was way before I ever knew that girls would actually be getting extensions. Luckily they are in the midst of growing back, hallelujah!!!! I was about 13 years old, they were touching my eyebrows, and I was getting fed up with it. Life is hard at 13, huh? I’m pretty sure I immediately regretted my decision, don’t worry!

Ever since I was little I had a tough time growing hair anywhere on my body, not just my head (blessing and a curse). I rarely have to get my brows waxed or plucked, but my hair has been the same length for about 5 years now… These lashes still got some work to do, but I’ve made a personal vow to keep all scissors away! Scouts honor!

Now that I have lashes, I like to use Maybelline as a go-to mascara brand! The Falsies Volum’Express is a good one for sure! I like waterproof mascara so that I can sweat at the gym or dip in the pool and not worry about looking like the girl from The Ring! 😉 And it’s only $7.00!

Orange Certainly IS The New Black

So this is for the girls who grew up being a blonde, or had light hair, like me! I used to be so envious when I would see a girl with these dark luscious locks and think, “My hair will never look like that”. Well the wonderful thing, and the most UN-wonderful thing about most drug stores is they sell pretty much anything, including boxed hair dye…

-if you happen to be a stylist reading this, take some comfort in knowing I have learned my lesson!

If you aren’t familiar, boxed hair dye is nothing like going to the salon and getting your hair treated right! Especially if you were like me, blonde, and wanting to go black! So we apply the black hair dye generously, and wait the allotted 25 minutes. Afterwards, hair was so dark, and I absolutely hated it.

What do you think I did? Marched back up to Wal-Mart, got platinum blonde hair dye, and about 1 hour later I could pass as Carrot Top’s sister, with even more damaged hair! There’s probably at least 3 really good morals out of this story, but I’ll stick to the biggest: Go see a stylist, the Hair God’s will thank you!! I’m actually terribly missing my stylist back in Arkansas, and its been kinda scary to think about trusting somebody else with my hair. But I’m sure I’ll find my perfect fit soon.

I also invested in better shampoos/conditioners as well as hair oils! If you’re looking for some color treated hair shampoo/conditioner, my recommendation is Redkin color protect.

Less Isn’t Always More

I have a love/hate relationship with strapless bras.

Do they ever really do a good job of holding them up? But I sure do love not having ugly straps ruin a gorgeous dress or shirt!

I usually shop at Victoria’s Secret for bras, mainly because of the fit, two, their Semi-Annual Sale! I can typically find my size and they’re seriously about a third of the price.

So this particular night, my husband and I had an Christmas Party event to go to and I was wearing a white strapless dress. I was holding on to my ONE strapless bra at the time (Semi-annual sale was in January, I just had to hold out a few more weeks). Though, the elastic and the clasps were about to give out!

So, I think I can dance, totally subjective, and will take any opportunity to do so! As I’m dancing I hear a noise that makes all girls stop in their tracks…. I heard my bra strap snap!!!!! I was in front of hundreds of people, doing what I thought was GREAT dancing, and about to give people a little extra Christmas present that year!

Silently, I slipped away to the ladies room from the dance floor, looked embarrassingly at myself, and pulled my strapless bra from my dress. In this case, I pretty much had two choices:

1.) Tell Nelson, and possibly go home 2.) Keep dancing and say the heck with it

I’ll let you decide which one you think I did 😉

Moral of this story, go and buy a decent strapless bra before you’re slipping away to the ladies room, too!

Okay ladies, I’ve spilled, it’s your turn now!!!!! Share with my your cringeworthy beauty flop stories!!!

Xo –


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