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Weekly Must-Haves

As a girl who loves to shop on a budget, find the best bargains, but equally loves fashion, health, and beauty, I find myself rigorously searching and jotting down all of my weekly Must-haves for the following week to make sure I get coupons and search prices beforehand!

…. okay maybe not ALL of my must haves, let’s face it, where would I put it all!!!!

But, I haven’t always been a planner, or even slightly prepared for that matter!

My first year on my own, moving away from my parents, was definitely a struggle to find any routines, to get prepared for the next week, and not to leave my dorm or apartment in shambles!

Now that I have a (pretty) good grasp on time- management, I realize it definitely is a plus to be prepared and organized, because it helps me to have more confidence, nourish my body, and find the perfect life balance!

Food/Grocery staples:

  1. Chicken

  2. Rice

  3. Mixed low-fat veggies

  4. Fruits

  5. Nuts/Protein Bars

  6. Whey Protein Shakes 

I try not to stray too far from this diet! It is what works best for my body, and like many of you reading this know just how big of a struggle that can be! I encourage you to find what works best for you body and what your health goals are!

You can typically find boneless skinless Chicken breasts at any grocery store, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Vons, for a fair price and in large quantity. Breasts also tend to be a little lower in fat content so they provide a leaner source of protein.

As for the rice, I’m a plain white rice kinda gal, so I just add seasoning and flavor as needed!

My go to veggies are mostly green and red bell peppers, with yellow and green squash! The combo is quite delicious when you just simmer the two in a small skillet and really let the vegetables steam!

Beauty Products:

  1. Coconut oil

  2. Elf exfoliating skin peel 

  3. Bath and Body works aromatherapy line: Sleep

  4. Alcohol cleansing pads for acne/blemishes

  5. Doctor Lin’ blemish face wash

First, I just cannot believe it took me so long to discover coconut oil! Seriously, it’s like a miracle oil that I use for so many things, and I’m thanking my lucky stars as I speak that I have a full jar right now in my bathroom!

Not only does it make my face/skin so soft, it has cleared up uneven skin tones, acne, and I even see a decrease in my pore size!

Another go to for me that has reduced dark spots and acne has been ELF’s exfoliating skin peel.  

Be prepared to be thoroughly grossed out the first time you do it, but also strangely excited!


  1. Erin Condren “Life Planner”

  2. Fun pens

  3. Stickers to help organize

Use the Link Below to get 10% off your purchase!!

They also have 40% off DATED PLANNERS AND CALENDARS right now!!!!!!!

The “Life Planner” is just a fun, adorable, and motivational way to track your day, and if you use it to its extent, you won’t ever miss another important meeting, lunch, birthday, holiday, etc.


Supplements and Drinks

  1. Detox and Cleanse

  2. Probio5

  3. Slim

  4. Xfactor multivitamin

I was incredibly blessed with the opportunity to become a Plexus Ambassador and experience these products for myself, and without having done so, I wouldn’t know any of the benefits and results it’s given me and so many of my friends! Since I started using these products, I have thrown out tons of medicines that I legitimately thought I needed, all while no longer craving sugary drinks and foods everyday that used to cost me tons of extra money every single month!! How much did you spend last month on Starbucks or energy drinks??

If you would like to know more about any of these products, and what area they can help with in YOUR life, follow the link below!

Setting aside time for:

  1. Blogging/Network Marketing

  2. Reading

  3. Beauty/makeup tutorials

  4. Date nights and quality time with the husband

If you’re looking for a date night spot in LA that doesn’t break the bank, and will leave you and your date talking about it for weeks, keep reading!!

We had the pleasure of going to LA LIVE Lucky Strike bowling alley for my husband’s birthday this year, and we had the BEST time. The DJ played all the best throwbacks, the bar had the yummiest drinks, and we danced and bowled for hours!!!! We can’t wait to go back!

I hope you can find a little motivation for the week from my experiences, and remember:


Do something next week that your future self with thank you for!

Let me know if you try out any of my weekly must-haves and if they worked for you!

I would love to hear if any of you have similar weekly must-haves! Share them with me below for a guest spot on my next post!


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