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All Time FAVORITE Book List…… PART 1

My All Time FAVORITE Book List…… PART 1


In no particular order 🙂

Reading has always been something so very special to me since I was a little girl. I remember in my house growing up, my mother had this enormous bookcase with hundreds of books from dozens of different authors. I would see her reading a different book from it every week, and I couldn’t wait til I could pick my own books from there also. There were times she would talk to me about the books I was currently reading, asking me questions about the plot and the character! She would share with me her thoughts on the books I wasn’t quite old enough to read yet, and a true love really started there! My Mother instilled an amazing trait in me, the ability to get lost in my imagination by opening up a book! She still sends me book recommendations to this day! I’m forever grateful!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

By Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury has this immense way of just wrapping you up in his text, because you find yourself relating to everything he writes. I remember reading this the first time in middle school and I’m still thankful to this day, because I got to pick it up as an adult! In this dark, nightmarish, mysterious novel, Ray Bradbury writes of two male pre-teens on the brink of adulthood as a chilling carnival comes to their home town! Not only is it a coming of age story, it is also truly a book that will transform your mind and have you reading it with a sense of imagination!

The Lovely Bones

By Alice Sebold

Alice Sebold hooks you very early in this novel. I felt so engaged and truly terrified for the main character’s situation. In this tragic novel, a family is desperate for solace and repair as they deal with the aftermath of a murder of their child named Susie. You will find yourself weeping with the mother and father and you will find yourself sharing a sense of peace with Susie. It is worth the tears, because Sebold gave you a peak at some of the most loving characters in literature!

Sense and Sensibility

By Jane Austen

One word: ROMANCE- there is no other like Jane Austen when it comes to romance! This Victorian-age novel chronicles the life of two sisters, completely different in emotions and love, following the death of their father. They navigate through the struggles of relationships and life. It sounds all very Hallmark, but one very compelling thing about Austen’s novel is the pure sassiness that comes from her! You really FEEL her writing! She has this need for strong willed female characters to really make a mark in society and it’s just lovely to read!


By Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita is definitely an unforgettable read, and one that is hard to put down. It is set in present day where the main character falls for a pre-teen 12 year old girl. The main character is a 37 year old, pure romantic at heart, and agrees to marry the young girls mother in order to be close to her. There is obsession, lust, and heartbreak to follow.

An insurmountable thing about this piece of writing is even though the plot is simple, Nabokov has a way of intertwining morals and danger together with his amazing wordplay, and you will find yourself confused but also in awe!

Game Of Thrones

by George R. R. Martin

This novel turned into quite literally one of the largest HBO tele-series sensation!

There is blood, guts, gore, sex, nudity, royalty, loyalty, deception, and honestly, it’s totally EPIC! The beginning is slow, and honestly is tough to get into if you haven’t seen the show yet (because you know just how juicy it is going to get) but it’s worth holding out!

Spring 2018 Must-Read Books

As told by PopSugar

What are yours??

I’d love to hear what your top 10 are! I am always looking for a new book to cuddle up and read!!

I hope you go read at least one from my top 10!


Be one of the first 5 to comment a list of your Top 5 books, and you will be entered in a Drawing to win one FREE copy of a book named above…..YOUR CHOICE! (In order to win you must be a subscriber) 🙂


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