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7 MUST-Bring Outfits for Vacation

7 outfit ideas you want to be sure to bring on VACATION!!

Okay so most of these vacation outfits I’ve come to know are important by experience…

And by experience I mean getting to my destination, usually hours and hours away, unpacking my bag, and realizing I didn’t bring something… I can’t be alone in this scenario right?? Lol

I think the worst one is thinking up an outfit in your head to wear to a romantic dinner, to the beach, shopping, wherever, and realizing you didn’t; bring it. Both feelings STINK!! Haha!

Some of these must haves I’ve incorporated in here because I’ve seen some of the cutest vacation style outfits this summer from some of my favorite bloggers and influencers, and I’m totally deeming them necessary! 🙂

So, below are 7 pieces you should be bringing on vacation, and some options!

Little Black Dress (aka LBD)

Something that I’ve recently learned, and I’m proud of it too, is the importance of looking the part! I remember I went to a convention for work years ago, and ou Motivational speaker was a man named Walter Bond. He spoke about a time where he had to really embody somebody he might not fully be yet! He was interviewing for a job, and hoenstly was not the most qualified candidate! But he said a few things that stuck: “I dressed in my nicest clothes I had, I fixed my hair in the nicest way I could, I put my resume in the nicest binder I had, and I played the part!”

A LBD gives me the confidence to strut my stuff 😉 nothing wrong with it either! Look the part, embody confidence, and if a dress helps you do it, then GET IT GIRL!!!!! Sharing a LBD from one of my FAV online boutiques Pretty Little Thing (you can check out their whole website here.)

vacation little black dress

“A” Bathing Suit and “B” Bathing Suit

What I really mean by this, is “A” are one(s) you can just lounge in and is super comfy, one you don’t mind getting tanning oil and sunscreen on while wearing it all day! And then “B” are ones that you honestly wouldn’t want to get dirty, maybe you just use it for pictures and/or to drink a cocktail or something on the beach!

**I say this because of multiple reasons lol but in my experience, I either spill something on a nice suit and have to change anyway, or wish I was wearing a suit that fit me better when we go out somewhere! I’m sharing one of my FAV suits on one of my FAV bloggers for the “B” suit because 1.) She’s a total bombshell, but 2.) She has TONS of vacation pictures on her instagram so you have lots to choose from! Just click the “View Profile” in the corner of the picture to shop her looks! You can also check out her blog here!

A post shared by MARGRET ROJAS (@stylethegirl) on Jul 5, 2018 at 6:18pm PDT

Workout Clothing

The crazy thing about workout gear on vacay is we either say, “I’ll definitely work out so I should bring clothes”, or “I won’t work out, no need to bring clothes.” Either way! Bring clothes and tennis shoes!!! Lol! There’s been tons of times I’ve gone somewhere, even just a weekend staycation, and if I had remembered to bring workout gear, I would have! I think working out on vacay, however strenuous you want to go, helps alleviate that dreaded feeling of “getting back in the groove’ once you’re home!

Sharing the cutest leggings from Gymshark! I love their style of workout gear! These leggings here are also 50% if you use the link in the picture!!!! (Just tap the pic :))

vacation gymshark leggings

Denim Cutoffs

I don’t remember a single vacay that I didn’t practically live in cutoffs! I also really love the denim overall trend this summer too, and would totally rock those while on vacay! They’re so easy to slip on, you can semi dress them up if you have that nice bathing suit top on, or throwing a really cute tank over, but they can be extra casual with a crop tee shirt too! I’m sharing with you one of my fav Classic bloggers, she is the queen of classics button ups, heels, and cutoff shorts! Love her style! Click the “View Profile” button in the corner of the picture to shop her looks! You can also check out here blog here!

Romantic Dinner/Cocktail Dress

A little different than your little black dress feel, but there’s nothing better than coming in from a long day on the beach, your skin is all bronzy and sun kissed after the shower, and then you have your lover tell you they want to take you somewhere nice to eat! Even though you two might be getting to spend a little more time together than usual, you still want to surprise your S/O and let them see you in something sexy! I’m sharing a dress from another one of my FAV online retailers, Vici Dolls! They have the BEST style! You can get this metallic stunner dress for only $15.00 by going to the link!!!

vacation cocktail dress

Cute PJ’s

I think this is especially true if you are going on a group couples vacation or even just a family vacation with multiple family members! A lot of times late at night or early in the morning when not everybody is full awake/asleep yet, and you still want to lounge in something comfy but not worry about getting dressed! I can speak from experience, we always have really late game nights and early breakfasts on vacation! I love having a cute matching pj set with me! I’m sharing with you a blogger I’ve been following for a few months now and just love her style, plus I think she might be the cutest human ever!! And this cactus PJ set is adorable! You can also check out her blog here!

A post shared by Olivia Rink (@oliviarink) on Jul 9, 2017 at 7:48am PDT

Maxi Dresses and/or Swimsuit Coverups

The beautiful thing about Maxi dresses… did you just eat your weight in a buffet, or were you good and had a salad instead? You can never tell!! Lol! Hallelujah!!!! Other than that, they’re just really comfy! On a shopping day, on a picture day, rainy day, anything! Same for coverups! I’ve seen some coverups this season that I could totally mistake for a cute maxi or sundress! I’m sharing this maxi where I get tons of clothing, Nordstrom Rack! It comes in tons of colors and could easy be used as a coverup!

vacation maxi dress

I’ll definitely be bringing all these along with me this summer on our vacation! We are hoping to do Disneyland and Vegas this year! I’d love to hear where ya’ll are planning your vacays!! Drop it below in the comment section, maybe we’ll be going to the same place 😉



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