When In Rome: September Couples Getaway Box

Okay y’all, I just couldn’t wait any longer to share my September Couples Getaway Box! Because it is so so cute! Nelly and I have always wanted to go to Paris and Rome, and the culture is so rich with love! That is the one thing that attracts me to the city so much! My September box was all about Rome! And the two things that I think of most when I think of Rome, Italy is cheese and romance! Most of the time together! Insert cheesy gif

In our Rome box this month we had two really unique and fun date night ideas! 

First, when I opened my box and saw “Cheese making kit” I thought, okay I could really screw this up easily haha! But I looked at the directions, and it literally gave me every ingredient needed except for milk! It gave us the choice of 4 different cheese styles to make! Our favorite is mozzarella, so we wanted to make the mozzarella balls! I just think these are so fun and cute for wine and cheese date night, like we had, or you can cook them for guests as well!

One really special thing about the cheese making kit is who it’s crafted and made by! Sandy Leaf Farm is a company ran by Scott and Gabriel! They hand craft all of their recipe kits to be fun and easy for you to do! I love they rely entirely on word of mouth for their business, which shows their true dedication to their business! We really had a great time making the cheese!!

mozzarella cheese recipe

Let’s Get Crafty

Since we always enjoy doing crafts together, I think it’s really special that the box usually comes with some type of crafts supplies! This month, we got sent a scrapbook made of vintage looking material, with vintage paper on the inside. I felt all the Rome vibes! I used to Scrapbook all the time, and honestly putting this one together reminded me of the love I have for it! This also just gives you a chance to look at photos of old trips and memories with your partner! We wrote love notes to each other and used them for a few sheets of our scrapbook!

craft night

I think it is so necessary to find ways to connect with your partner! Doing things you both love together is just icing on the cake to a great marriage! It encourages communication, openness, fun and love in your relationship! All incredibly crucial aspects! Deciding each week that we will have a date night also gives us something to look forward to! We know that when we get this box in the mail, we’re going to have a great night together!

cute beach couples


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