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Create Your Own Self-Care Balance

Create Your Own Self-Care Balance

I jus have to say, thank Goodness it’s finally Spring here in Southern California.

Especially living here, I feel like seasons make such an impact in our moods and how we go about our everyday lives! A little sun never hurts anybody!


When I was living in Arkansas, the weather was awful most of the time. In the summer, you couldn’t step outside without sweating. In the winter, you better keep all your coats and tank tops out, because you never know what you’ll get.

But Spring, Spring always had its way of sneaking up on us when we were a little bummed about the weather. It was definitely the prettiest season in Arkansas.

Much like it is here in L.A.

There’s something so refreshing about shaking off the leaves of who you were in that season before. And there’s something incredibly exciting about getting ready for your next adventures come summer!

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One well-needed routine in my life this Spring is going to be self-care! I’m learning that time is my most valuable asset, and I should choose it wisely! I have always been afraid to say “no” and it would be at the expense of my self-care. I would always end up stretching a little too much, without replenishing myself! Being a “yes person” all the time can severely hurt your success, and not just success in your career, but in so many other parts of your life.

If you’ve done this before in your life, stay strong!!! It’s so liberating to finally say no! To finally not stretch yourself too thin!


Spring may have had a tiny way of opening up that idea to me! Call it divine intervention, or maybe I just love California Spring weather so much! If life feels so busy to the point where it is affecting your other priorities, I think its very crucial to step back, and evaluate what you need to say “no” to! You have to define what matters to you overtime.

One way I’m putting this plan into action is by giving others, as well as myself complete honesty, as well as limiting what I share my time with.

If I know I will be busy at certain times, I am making it a point to block myself off in both my phone, and my planner, and being sure I share with others that I have plans or deadlines! I am going to purposely set aside the time for my goals and sometimes just “me” time.

I think by specifically setting these restrictions will help you to stick to them!

In my experience, when I was working for my last company, they, like many other corporations, wanted you to give and give and yes…give! It was so easy to put everyone else’s needs and demands first!


At first, you don’t see how that can be damaging to yourself, because you think, “I am expected to do this” or you’ve been put under the pressure for a certain task. Pressure, even a little bit of stress, is okay in the workplace. Sometimes, it’s a fuel we need to succeed. Other times, it can be harmful to ourselves if we aren’t drawing a line of where we are ringing ourselves dry to meet the expectations of others, before we meet our own!

After a few meltdowns (we all have them, don’t feel bad) I read: “How to say no without feeling guilty” by Connie Hatch and Patti Breitman

This book was amazing in channeling my thoughts into effectively telling people “no” and giving those restrictions that seemed impossible.

It’s all about doing what is best for YOU.

Just like Matthew McConaghey said, if it’s family, money, self, love, or something else, then “don’t spend time with anything that antagonizes your character”.

I want to hear about your self-care routines, and how you balance out work, family, and life in general!

Share your thoughts for a chance to be featured on my next post!

Xo- Ty


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