Couples Getaway Box: Negril Style

My July Couples Getaway Box review!

Negril style!

I just first have to say, Iusually do not subscribe to monthly boxes. I haven’t ever had the best luck with them!! There’s tons out there, and some really fabulous ones too! But in my experience, I always expect a lot but the boxes never end up meeting them! With that said, after my second box so far, I’m so thrilled and even more excited for the next month of Couples Getaway Box!!

This month was Negeril themed! Negril is a small (pop. 6,900) but widely dispersed beach resort town located across parts of two Jamaican parishesWestmoreland and Hanover. 

Negril’s beaches have actually been rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by many travel magazines, and it spans just a little less than 7 miles long!! I can tell you this, if Nelson and I ever did take the trip, I know we would probably care less about anything other than beach! Haha!

I wanted to give y’all a little rundown of my fabulous products i received in my box this month!

Shea Butter 100% Jamaican Black Castor Oil

I’ve always been a fan of coconut oil since i got introduce to it! I was so happy and surprised that even though I have semi oily skin, and a little prone to acne, the oil actually helps instead of causing more acne!

Since I’ve tried to the castor oil my hands and cuticles, and my skin has been smoother and my skin tone is more even on my face! A little bit goes a long way as well, so you can always mix it in with your favorite lotion, moisturizer, sunscreen, or hair mask! I use another hair mask currently from Shea Moisture! It’s a conditioning mask so it’s super easy to do a few pumps in the mask and makes your hair even shinier and softer!! 👏🏼

couples getaway box

Bath Bomb/Soak

Okay so I had to share this funny story about my experience with the bath bomb in this months box!! Nelson kept joking that it looked like a biscuit while he was getting some pictures of me using it, and my bath time routine! And I was cracking up so hard because… okay it actually did look like one in the packaging 😅 but bless it we got a picture where I wasn’t laughing!!

I love bath bombs!! I’m actually getting ready to do a really fun collab with a great friend of mine and Nelson’s who owns his own bath bomb company and I’ll have some amazing discounts codes for y’all, so stay tuned for that 🙂

This bath bomb smelled SO good!! I love the bath bombs that actually have a strong scent that lingers in the bathtub while you’re relaxing and soaking!! At the end of my bath, I didn’t even need to use shaving cream because my skin was so soft from the bomb! I think nelly appreciated that part too!!

couples getaway box

Under-eye Peel Masks

I have actually been seeing these from tons of other influencers and bloggers all across Instagram and blogs!!! The first girl I saw using them was @jordan Underwood and y’all should totally go check her page out!! She stays ON TOP of every beauty and skincare regimen you should be using! She has beautiful skin and hair too!

So these masks were so easy to use!! They didn’t burn, tingle or smell badly either!! I washed my face with my Neutrogena acne prone translucent face bar, moisturized, and used the masks! I kept them on for about 1 hour, afterwards my under-eyes were of course softer, and my face felt cooler and tighter!

I’m hoping Target has these so I can go get more!!

couples getaway box

4 Piece Bath/Spa Set

I’ve actually read up that you can use the block foot scrub and the castor oil together to exfoliate! I used it on my feet and legs to getall the dead skin off!! Inside the spa set, there was 2 bristle brushes and I recently started to use those to exfoliate my face lightly with my neutrogena face bar!! I can already notice my pores are getting smaller because I’m getting a deeper scrub!! With the bath set there was a lemongrass and sage foot scrub that I used the same night!!

couples getaway box

My Couples Getaway Boxes always come with at least one edible snack!! 🙂 i love that too!!

This month we got dried banana chips. I’d always thought I hated these, but gave them another try since they came in the box! They actually weren’t too bad!

Overall, I was SO impressed this month!! Everything I got was SO useable, and right up my alley!! The beautiful part about it, I got 2 of mostly everything! And for the bath bomb, Nelly set me up a warm bath with a nice candle and let me relax! This was such a sweet gesture that it felt like it was something that couples could both enjoy!

If you have any questions on The Couples Getaway Box, or any of the products, send me a message or a comment! Also, I am lacking with ideas on what all to do with my castor oil! If you have a suggestion, drop it in the comment section below! 🙂


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