Couples Getaway Box – Hawaii Style

Couples Getaway Box review and all the fun details!!!!

If you know me, you know I am a hopeless <— {actually don’t like this phrase but whatevs} romantic!!!

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I don’t think theres anything hopeless about romance or love! If you’re with the right person, romance will come easily. I wanted to give my honest review and opinion on the Couples Getaway Box, and answer some questions I’ve gotten!

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First, I have to say I was SO happy about the shipping from Couples Getaway Box. I got a notification one day about my box being shipped, and literally two days later my box arrived!!!! Woohoo! If you have any subscription boxes currently, you know the importance of if coming on time, because you’re literally waiting on it, taking your time to check the tracking, etc.

My May/June box is Hawaii themed and seriously the cutest! We have never been to Hawaii, and no I cannot say the box by itself made us want to go, we always have wanted to, but seeing some of the culture in the box, and of course the pictures from their landscape, it definitely increased the desire!

couples getaway box

Box Details:

1 Hawaiian Host Chocolate Bar

(Chocolate covered macadamias and crisp rice) Umm.. DELISH. It had a similar taste to the Ferrero Rochet with the hazelnut chips in it! So yum! Nelson asked if he could have mine, before I was even done with mine… hahaha! I’ve actually linked it below if you’re interested in trying it because it was THAT good!

1 Packet of Trail mix!

Trail mix is always right up my alley!!! This trail mix had dried banana, mixed nuts and coconut chips! My favorite trail mix has M&M’s and mixed nuts in it, so I love that this one had coconut chips in it to add some sweet & salty mix!

4 Small Coconut Shells!

Nelson and I painted on these! Check out our pics below of our craft date night! 🙂

couples getaway box

1  Couples Paint Kit

The paint kit included paint brushes AND acrylic Paint, which was so awesome of the Couples Getaway team to include! We love to paint, so we thought that was a fun little thing about our first box! We used the paint kit to paint our wedding anniversary date, 11/22/2014, on our shells above!

couples getaway box

1 Bar of Hawaiian Soap

Made from the company Timberwood Soap Co. It is 100% vegan and made with all natural products, so there are no harsh chemicals and a huge plus for sensitive skin! It also smells so good! Nelson and I are total soap snobs, too!! We will smell tons of soaps before we put one in the basket haha! I love local companies and really exclusive made products, so this one was awesome!

couples getaway box

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, or wherever the theme of the box is, they give you detailed, and I mean DETAILED travel plans for hotel stays, lodging information, food, and entertainment! If you followed their guide they provide, you would have a good time I’m sure of it! They provide options for all types of personalities! If you like to just relax on vacay and soak up sun and the beautiful scenery- that would be me- they tell you the best spots to do that! If you like to go on adventures, they will have you action packed during your stay! I’m so excited to see what theme my next box is. One of these days, I also cannot wait to be able to actually purchase on of their vacation packs along with the box!

Couples getaway box

I think the best thing about the box is it gave me and Nelson something else to look forward to, in addition to our other date nights planned throughout the month! Some people really like to plan their dates, some people love the spontaneity of date nights! We actually love doing both, so knowing that we have this coming just adds an element of surprise and excitement!

For any more details or questions on the Couples Getaway Box, be sure to visit them at and you can check them out on instagram here.


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