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5 Ways I Find Motivation and Think Positively

I’ve talked on this subject in a few blog and Instagram posts, but we always think “motivation” and “positivity” are just going to come bite us out of nowhere!!!!

Well, not exactly! I sure haven’t ever felt motivation bite me anywhere (maybe in the butt when I didn’t go to the gym or I ate the 4th slice of pizza)

With options like mentors, coaches, personal development psychologists and more, we always have the opportunity out there to draw inspiration and positivity!

I want to share with y’all my top 5 tips I practice every week to help keep me moving in the direction I want to go!

Listening to Podcasts

I want to at least recommend this one Podcast, TED Talks. If you follow me on instagram and see my stories, you notice how I share his podcasts a few times a week! I love his podcast for a few different reasons!

On a recent podcast he had, “Comfort Zone” there was a speaker that shared a great thought! “How boring would life be if we listened to, watched, and did the exact same things all the time?”.

And I think that’s so true for his podcast! I wouldn’t enjoy it nearly as much if it weren’t for the diversification of view points, backgrounds, and more! He brings people on that talk about everything from being wise, finding your inner voice, what forces drive us to do the things we do, and so much more! My mood is lifted, motivation higher, and I’m able to think clearer, more positive thoughts after listening!

I usually do this first thing in the morning, or right before the gym! Click on the picture below and it will take you to what I listen to every morning on spotify!


Finding A Mentor or Someone You Aspire To Be Like

One reason I find this to be so helpful is because typically, a coach or mentor has already been through SO MANY of the problems you might be facing currently, especially how to find motivation and inspiration. They know what it’s like to go through a particularly stressful time in life! They want to share the knowledge they have so you don’t have to hit every single speed bump and road block!

I’ve noticed everybody is so caught up with the word “authenticity”. I’ve used it myself a few times, but in a different context! When we are aspiring to be like somebody, there’s a stigma around it that it means we don’t want to “be ourselves” or be authentic. Which is entirely not true! I feel more “me” than I ever have recently, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to develop a lot of the same habits, routines, and mindsets of successful people around me!

Since I am blogging part-time (but feels like full-time lol) I find motivation and inspiration from a ton of others bloggers! So my advice on this, find somebody who is going in a similar direction career/goal wise! If you are looking to follow a mentor, I have a great reference for you! Click here to go to his Instagram and claim a free download of his ebook!

Going To The Gym

Or any enjoyable activity!

Okay, at this point you’re probably thinking okay but how do you…go to the gym…without motivation???

Totally get that! Just see if you can make yourself go three days in a row. Because something pretty cool and interesting is going to happen! You’ll automatically have a little bit more energy by the 4th day, which is amazing! Your mood will increase, and you’ll actually look forward to something positive taking up that time in your day! I can almost promise you, you’ll have a shred of excitement in you to go back the 4th day!

I have tons of friends who have taken up yoga as one of their enjoyable activities! In fact, they say they enjoy it so much, they feel it mind and body while practicing, which is super powerful!!

I will also have my normal weekly gym routine available if you’d like to see more personalized workouts! Shoot me a comment below!

Taking Control Over Things You CAN Control

…And not worrying about the things that you cannot control! This has been a huge shift for me. I recently learned a really interesting concept on this “over thinking” topic! I learned how it is actually hurting us more than we think. So, the concept is people are either “maximizers” or “satisficers”.

**A maximizer is somebody who wants all the facts before making a decision, has to analyze every bit of details to make sure they are choosing the right thing, doesn’t want to act too soon, and essentially overthinks everything.

**A satisficer has all the resources in front of them, and realizes, “okay this is too much information, I’m just going to make a choice that I feel is a good choice”. Or in other words, some people can just “trust their gut” a little easier!

So the idea is to somewhat develop traits of both… easy right?? HAHA! I’m there with you though! It’s a struggle, but I’m working at it, because I truly feel it’s important! I am working on controlling things that I can, and just making decisions I feel good about regardless if I have all the information!

If you want to read more on this, I’ve linked a pretty interesting article!

Setting Yourself Exciting Goals and/or Plans

This goal can be simple! Something you have the desire to do, something you’re passionate about achieving! An example of one I might set for myself is to see how many Pinterest Graphics I can create and publish! It’s still a work related goal for me, equally contributes to the direction I’m wanting to focus on, but I’ve made it fun because well, PINTEREST lol! I’ve also just created a challenge for myself! Use your own creative juices though! Find things that you like, things that you can easily say, “I WANT to do this”.

Since you can’t set exciting goals and finish them at record speed every day, planning your daily routine is crucial!

“The secret to your success is found in your daily routine.”

I remember when I had NO plan for my day, I just literally let whatever might happen, happen! But by the end of my day, I would get frustrated that things “didn’t go my way”. Well of course they didn’t, I didn’t plan for a single thing!!!!! I equally remember when I tried to plan every second out, and I was miserable because I felt like I couldn’t let anything disrupt the plan or have any spontaneity in my day! Just like most things, the goal is to strive for somewhere in the middle!

I really really hope some of these tips on how I find motivation are something y’all find valuable and helpful! I’d also love to talk to you more if would like to start a conversation about anything on the blog!

Now share a tip or two with me how you find your own motivation! 😉


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